Mafia 3 – Funny WTF Moments

Just a quick video of stuff I thought was funny that happened on my playthrough of the game. Ima probably do a few more videos on Mafia before I let it go. I’ll make the next one longer and better.

Now Im just waiting on Battlefield 1 and on Watch Dogs 2. I really wanna do videos for those games. Also, sorry about the 2 months without uploads. I just had no game I was interested and had got bored of Uncharted too quick.

Thanks for the 6K guys!
And again, Im not quitting or anything. Im just really picky of what I upload and I had nothing of interest to play or edit. I prefer editing online/multiplayer stuff. But I’ll throw in some Single Player stuff here n there, like this video.


iPhocus – 9th Wonder Type Beat

Very Nice beat. I might keep using this song on future video outros, I like it very much. Also, iPhocus has some pretty fun beats. Check him out if you like some chill stuff. Especially all his Dream Team stuff.


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